Gray Fox, the mysterious cyborg ninja from Metal Gear Solid was my first cosplay project involving fiberglass, resin casting and foam, as well as incorporating lights and servos. The face opens and closes.

I designed the helmet in Autodesk Inventor using basic surface modeling techniques.  I then exported the model as a low poly STL file, which I used to make a pepakura file that I folded and assembled into the final shape. The final form was then reinforced with fibreglass and smoothed out with automotive body filler. See This Blog Entry for a detailed build log

The rest of the costume was constructed using EVA foam mats, coated with mod podge and then spray painted metallic blue and copper.

Photo by The Will Box

Photo by Ed Tan

Original concept by Yoji Shinkawa

Gray Fox.jpg

Photo by Ed Tan

Photo by  Ed Tan

Photo by Ed Tan